Medical Freedom: An Open Letter to My Legislators
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Medical Freedom: An Open Letter to My Legislators

Today, I did something I’ve never done before. I sent a letter to my senators and representative. Actually, I sent two. With the tyrannical conversations swirling in the ether, it’s important now more than ever to speak out and demand your public servants protect your rights before they’re gone.

While the letters were on the same topic — vaccination — I thought it important to break up the two specific conversations I wanted to bring to the table into separate messages to force a response to both points I made. The first letter was concerning the proposal of mandatory vaccinations and medical freedom rights. The second letter was related to the bill proposed to allow 11 years old to consent to vaccination in spite of a parent’s decision to refuse vaccination.

Two Open Letters. One Cause.

For the purposes of education and inspiration, I’ve copied the letters I sent below. I encourage you to write your own (or copy these!) to remind your legislators that their job is to protect rights and which rights need protecting right now. Be sure to request a response when you submit your statement on their contact form.

Since I’m in Orlando, FL, my senators are Rubio and Scott and my district Representative is Demings. Those are the names you’ll see templated into my letters below.

Subject: Protection of Medical Freedom Rights & Refusal to Vaccinate

Hello (Senator/Represenative) (Rubio/Scott/Demings),

I am concerned about propositions for mandating vaccination. This discussion has come to the forefront with the anticipated COVID-19 vaccine.

Government, businesses, schools, and employers do not have the right to make medical decisions on my behalf. I should be able to make informed decisions for myself and my family regarding immunizations and the associated risks, including whether or not to take one at all. This should not be forced upon me at any time, now or in the future, whether it’s the COVID-19 vaccine or something else.

Medical freedom rights are slipping away. For example, parents are challenged now more than ever to secure exemptions from vaccinating their children, particularly with respect to attending school. It should be a right to decide personal medical decisions, and needing an exemption, religious or otherwise, is not acceptable. Vaccines are a high risk medical procedure, and you shouldn’t have to experience an injury or declare a religious stance before you are allowed to decline participation.

Is there clear federal legal protection for citizens who do not want to be vaccinated? If not, can legislation be introduced to secure the medical freedom rights of those who would choose not to receive a vaccine for any reason?

Thank you,

Kate Moore, Orlando, FL

Subject: Protection of Parental Rights to Make Children’s Medical Decisions

Hello (Senator/Represenative) (Rubio/Scott/Demings),

There has been a bill proposed (the “Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act”) that would allow children as young as 11 years old to be vaccinated without the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

This is outrageous and a direct violation of parental rights to decide what is best for their own children. Minors absolutely should not have the right to consent to medical procedures because they can’t fully understand the risks associated. Vaccine safety is highly debated and documentation for vaccines (such as the package insert) outline severe health risks associated with being vaccinated.

The proposed legislation suggests that some minors may be capable of meeting the informed consent standard. Minors are not capable of informed consent, and to think an 11 year old could understand the scope of risk associated with vaccination is astounding. They can not. Going around a parent and hiding a medical procedure from them is tyrannical and explicitly unacceptable.

Needing to procure exemption to for a child to attend school for any reason, religious or otherwise, should be unnecessary. Reporting vaccinations or refusal of vaccinations to the government or any other authoritative body such as schools, employers, or businesses is a violation of privacy and personal freedom. And allowing children to be vaccinated in spite of a parent’s explicit refusal and hiding the vaccination from the parent is an outrageous violation of rights.

I demand that this proposed bill be voted against and new federal legislation be introduced to secure the rights of parents to make informed medical decisions on behalf of their own children, including the right to refuse vaccination for any reason.

What is your stance on the current proposed bill? Are you planning to vote against it? Specifically, what are you doing to ensure parental rights and medical freedom rights are being protected?

Thank you,

Kate Moore, Orlando, FL

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