Yes, You CAN Fire Your Therapist
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Yes, You CAN Fire Your Therapist (& How To Know If You Should)

If you’ve started going to therapy, but are already feeling like it just isn’t for you, I understand! Been there, done that. But I also want you to know that there is hope. It might just be that your current therapist isn’t the right fit, and it’s time to move onto someone else.

Yes, you can fire your therapist.

(“It’s not me… it’s you.” is the breakup line you’re looking for.)

Hear me out.

Your Therapist Works For YOU

Technically, you (or your insurance company) are paying a therapist for their time and advice. Just like any doctor, or any person you hire to do a job on your home, their ways may not mesh with what you’re looking for, and that’s okay.

“It’s not me… it’s you.

You have every right to fire them. (In a very professional and courteous way, of course.) So, if your therapist isn’t “working” for you, it may be time to move on to another potential candidate.

Something Just Isn’t Right

My first experience with a therapist was less than ideal. I had specifically requested a female provider, as many of my issues centered around past issues with males.

However, much to my surprise, they paired me with a tall, intimidating male in his early 30’s. From my first visit, there was a level of discomfort that I felt the moment I entered his office and felt his gaze graze over my entire form. I toughed it out. But after several sessions, I emailed the head of the department, kindly explaining the situation and asking to be paired with a female.

During my final appointment, my male therapist informed me that his superior had told him about my request. Talk about awkward. Needless to say, I found another clinic after that.

Unprofessional is an understatement.

I didn’t just fire my therapist. I fired the whole damn clinic!

When To Fire Your Therapist

So many people have the misconception that once you start with a therapist, you must commit to the full treatment program. That is not the case. You have the right to withdraw your participation at any time, and take your business elsewhere (within insurance policy of course).

You have the right to withdraw your participation at any time, and take your business elsewhere.

You don’t owe anyone your business when it comes to your mental health. This is about you and your needs first and foremost. It’s the time to be selfish about how you spend your time and money. If you know it’s time to move on and fire your therapist, don’t wait! Get yourself in somebody else’s office next week.

Stick with it, until you find someone that truly meshes with you. I promise they are out there.

Sending you Sunshine,