2 reasons you struggle with overeating
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2 Reasons You Struggle with Overeating

Overeating is one of the top self-identified problems when it comes to health. We *know* that overeating is bad and recognize when we’re doing it, but it’s the *how* to not overeat that trips us up.

There are 2 reasons that overeating happens: biological & emotional. Without addressing both, overeating will remain an issue!

Biology-based Overeating

The type of food you eat matters. When you consume sugar, your “I’m full” hormones get suppressed, so you don’t feel full. Ever thought about how much volume of cake you can consume compared to healthy foods like salad, avocado, or chicken? Healthy foods loaded with good fats trigger those “I’m full” hormones to show up so that you don’t keep eating.

Sugar (including carbs like bread and pasta, not just sweets) hijacks your hormones & brain. You crave it, overeat it, and want more soon after. Rinse & repeat. Getting fat adapted to burn fat instead of carbs as your primary fuel source will reset your cravings and hormones and reduce the urge to overeat.

Emotional-based Overeating

Our emotions can drive the way we eat pretty heavily. Emotional eating is super common. Stress, anger, depression, and the rest of the range of negative emotions can drive us to the refrigerator. We emotional eat as a way to avoid pain, ignore problems, and temporarily make ourselves feel better.

The problem is that eating doesn’t make our problems go away. Food does make us feel good. We’re designed that way so that we won’t starve and die. But it’s temporary. After the snack wears off, we go back to those negative emotions and look for another escape. If food is your escape mechanism, this can quickly lead to overeating as food provides short term happy hormones and is usually readily available.

Even if you’re eating well, if you use food as an emotional crutch, overeating can still be a problem.

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