3 Tips to Make Healthier Choices
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3 Tips to Make Healthier Choices (Willpower Isn’t Enough)

Willpower will not get you healthy. Eventually, it runs out. And suddenly you find yourself eating the entire box of Cheez Its, sleeve of Oreos, or tub of ice cream. Oops.

3 Tips to Make Healthier Choices

#1. Decide ahead of time.

Before you’re even in a situation where you have to make a hard decision or choose between healthy and junkie options, decide ahead of time. Set a threshold of acceptability for yourself, and stick to it.

Not eating gluten? Good. You’ve already decided. If someone offers you gluten, the answer is an automatic “no”. You don’t have to decide at the time of the offer.

#2. Plan ahead.

Plan your meals ahead if you have to. If you’re going out or traveling, figure out your food situation before you go. That could mean bringing something to share that you can eat or even eating before. Pack healthy snacks. Do what you have to do to make it happen. You can make healthier choices if you plan it all out beforehand.

#3. Have your groceries delivered.

It seems so simple (or so lazy), but really. Have your groceries delivered. It’s soooo much harder to impulse buy through the Whole Foods Prime app. You can add your groceries to your cart (shopping from your list), and then check yourself before you hit checkout. Which is super embarrassing to do in a store.

(“Um, excuse me. Can I actually put these 3 boxes of cookies back, please? Thank you.”)

You don’t subject yourself to appealing aisle ends of baked goods or junk food. And you can know exactly how much you’re spending before getting in line.

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