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How a Health Coach Is Different From a Doctor

If you’ve already got a doctor, you might be wondering how a health coach fits into your team of health professionals. What’s the difference, right?

Here’s the deal… a doctor is a trained medical professional. They go to school for a very long time to specialize in disease. Typically, your doctor will ask you about your symptoms, match those symptoms as best as possible to a diagnosis, write you a prescription, and call it a day.

If you get more than 10 minute with your doc during an appointment, you considering yourself lucky. Crazy, right?

Where Doctors Are Lacking

In school, doctors are not trained in 2 things: nutrition & hormones.

But guess which 2 things are absolutely critical to your health? Nutrition & hormones.

Pills and prescriptions are bandaids. They don’t get to the root cause. They don’t ask WHY.

And actually, many times doctors are subsidized by putting their patients on medication or giving vaccines. That’s right, they can actually make money off you being on meds.

Don’t get me wrong… not EVERY doc is like this. If you’ve found one that will listen to you, treat you like an individual, and pay attention to your food/hormones/lifestyle, that’s awesome! Keep that doc around!

But if yours isn’t… Fire them and find one that will.

Either way, a health coach can fill the gaps left behind by a doctor.

Gaps Filled By a Health Coach

A health coach specializes in a whole lifestyle approach including nutrition, sleep, environmental factors, stress, mental health, spiritual practice, and hormones. We look at all the things going on in your life and connect the dots. It’s about a personal approach to your unique self and optimizing your health.

Frankly, it’s what a doctor *should* be doing, but MOST of them don’t. But I’m not telling you anything new there. I’m sure you’ve had your fill of frustrating doctors.

BTW, if you want some help finding a better doctor, check out my post about which questions to ask your doc & what their answers should be.

A health coach is not specific to nutrition, although that has been my primary focus over the years. We specialize in a whole lifestyle approach to health.

Personally, I believe that food is the cornerstone. What you eat is what you’re made of. If you’re made of crappy food, you can’t sleep it away, out-supplement a bad diet, or exercise your way to health. Food comes first. Then, we put the other pieces into place.

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