Why You Can't Get Healthy With Quick Fixes
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Why You Can’t Get Healthy With Quick Fixes

Media and advertising is saturated with messages of quick fixes and easy solutions. Especially when it comes to health, tips and tricks are all the rage.

30 Day Bikini Body!

Lose Weight in Just 7 Days!

Get Healthy Without Changing!

10 Tricks to Lose Weight Faster!

Sounds familiar?

The Lie

These lies told to us by the media, health experts, and those looking to make a buck are just that: lies.

Your body and health are so much more complicated than the “perfect meal plan” or “ultimate workout routine”.

I’ve talked to so many people who want to know “the secret” or the “easy way” to get healthy without changing anything.

They want to know how to eat right but still eat at restaurants all the time (and not look like a diva). How to eat their favorite junk food in moderation. And how to lose weight without dieting or exercise.

The truth? You can’t.

The Truth

Here’s the thing: You can’t get healthy with quick fixes.

I know it’s a hard truth, but it is the truth. And you need to hear it.

Let me put it into perspective for you…

You’ve been eating poorly for decades. 20 years? 40 years? Maybe even 60 years you’ve been eating low-nutrition foods that cause inflammation. Autoimmune disease, diabetes, and mental health problems are inevitability on the horizon, if you don’t have them already.

Now, your body is conditioned to crave sugar and hoard fat. Your brain is foggy, heart is overworked, and mitochondria are weak.

You might not even be able to see all the symptoms yet, but beneath the surface, your body is struggling hard core.

If it took you YEARS to get to this place, why do you think you can completely reverse it in mere days?

Inflammation, hormone disruptors, leaky gut, & toxins take time to build up & manifest. And by time I mean 10 days up to 10 years.

If it takes 10 days for inflammation to show up in your body from one meal, it’s certainly going to take longer than that to undo the damage.

There’s no quick fix for that.

Grace Over Quick Fixes

Give yourself grace. It takes time, energy, & investment to…

>> Lose weight.

>> Get mentally healthy.

>> Heal your gut.

>> Balance your hormones.

>> Improve your sleep.

Keep learning, investing, and putting in the time. The results will come. It will take patience. And it will be worth it.

Our culture sells quick fixes, tips & tricks, & corner-cutting solutions. Instant gratification is a lie. Don’t buy in.

Your body is resilient and wants to heal. But you must give it the time & space to do so.

Maybe the change happens in months or years instead of days or weeks. Maybe you start to see changes in days or weeks but not to the end goal that you want. That takes longer.

It’s okay. Give yourself grace.

You can do it. You can get there. One decision at a time.

Start Now

Just because it takes times, doesn’t mean you get to make excuses. Start now and start today, one decision at a time.

>> Drink another glass of water.

>> Choose a healthy meal over fast food.

>> Go for a long walk instead of watching tv.

Don’t wait until you can afford the treadmill, gym membership, or designer workout clothes.

Instead, do what you can do now. And keep doing it.