Halloween Candy Alternatives
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Halloween Candy Alternatives

‘Tis the season of candy. But binging on cheap, fun-sized treats from Target? Might make you start to feel like that whale you dressed up as the night before. (Here’s looking at you, Lily Aldrin!)

But what are some better alternatives to hand out to those hyped up kiddos or snack on when those sugar cravings hit?

Halloween Candy

Pass It Out
  • Organic Candy: Still full of sugar, but definitely a healthier option. Try brands like Black Forrest.
  • Dried Fruit: Again, dried fruit does have a lot of sugar, but it also has fiber and other nutrients.
  • Trail Mix: Dilute the chocolate in some healthy, salty snacks.
  • Organic Honey Sticks: Sticky and sweet, so kids are bound to love them. But organic honey also has lots of nutritional benefits!
Munch At Home
  • Fruit: While it is a high sugar item, fruit is much healthier for you than candy.
  • Organic Dark Chocolate: Enough said.
  • Healthy Fats: Keeps some avocados or other fatty foods lying around. These will keep you full and help keep the cravings away.
  • Trail Mix: Get a healthy servings of nuts alongside your chocolate.

Teaching Moments

Halloween candy can be tricky, especially if your kids are getting candy from neighbors who don’t share the same food values.

Growing up, we weren’t allowed to trick-or-treat. Halloween was just another night in the Mitchell household. My mom always bought lots of candy on sale the day after, put it in the freezer, and rationed it throughout the year. (This was before the food revolution hit our house.)

And just because your kids do go trick-or-treating, doesn’t mean they have to eat everything given to them. You can use Halloween candy as a teaching moment to explain why some foods aren’t good for the body and how to make healthy choices.

If you get your kids involved, they’re much more likely to make healthy choices when you’re not around and as they get older!