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The 3 Biggest Food Myths Killing Your Health Goals

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while with no success or worse, you’re following bad advice. Maybe you’ve tried dieting, counting calories, exercising like a maniac. But it actually all starts with what you put into your body. You are what you eat. And if you’re eating garbage, your body will never perform the way you want it to. How do you know what’s a food myth and what’s going to give you real results? Let’s dive in…

Cut Through The Noise

There is TONS of misinformation about health and how to be healthy. Trends, fads, and money hijack the truth, which makes it nearly impossible to know what to do. You’ve probably fallen prey to these 3 biggest food myths that are currently killing your health goals.

If you want to lose weight, have more energy, and just feel better all around, this is for you.

Never fear! I’ve got you, girl. There is no calorie counting allowed here. No starving yourself. And no complicated meal plans. You’re in good hands.

I’m going to explain exactly where your mindset has gone wrong so far and how to get back on track fast! It’s time to put the yo-yo weight and afternoon energy slump in the past.

Food Myth #1: Food is Temporary

The truth? Food is the building block to your body, and it stays around much longer than you’d think! Your body builds itself out of what you eat. It uses the proteins and fats to heal, rebuild, and replace.

Imagine you were building a house. Your contractor comes to you and says “Look, I know you wanted bricks, but they’re not coming. We did get these styrofoam balls. And since we have to keep this project moving, we’re going to go with it and hope for the best!”

You would flip out! I know I would. “Uhh, excuse me, but what? Styrofoam balls can’t hold up a house!”


I bet you see where I’m going here. When you put garbage food into your body, it’s like building yourself out of styrofoam balls. That cheat meal you have every week? Built into your body. That guilty please that you just have “a little bit” of? Built into your body.

And you can’t exercise it away! That’s not how it works. There’s no trade between eating junk and just busting butt a little harder in the gym.

What you eat today matters in 10 hours, 10 days, and 10 years. Yes, 10 years. It takes 7 years to replace half of the collagen in your body. It takes 8 years to replace all of the fat cells [1]. That means the fried fast food you ate 5 years ago is still with you. That’s worse than the impact of cigarettes on the body.

Food Myth #2: Food is Calories

The truth? Food is information. I know you’ve tried counting calories before. That was THE way to lose weight. Except… the obesity rates went up. How is that possible? Won’t I lose weight as long as I burn more energy than I put in my body?

Well, no. You won’t. 100 calories of carrots is not the same as 100 calories of Pop-Tart. Your body doesn’t treat them the same way. Carrots have high levels of vitamins and minerals. They contain good glucose to feed the brain, fiber, and are high in nutrients. A Pop-Tart is high in sugar, unhealthy fats, and has basically no nutrients. This sugar gets converted into body fat, the vegetable oils disrupt your cells, and you get no benefit.

But they’re both 100 calories! Doesn’t matter.

And then let’s say you hit the gym and burn 100 calories. You used up some of your vitamin and mineral stores, sweated out some water, and burned energy. But did that all come from 100 calories of carrots? Nope. What about the Pop-Tart? Did you use 100% of that 100 calories of Pop-Tart? Also nope. That’s not how it works!

Food is much more than calories. It tells your body about what’s going on through something we call epigenetics. Your environment changes your DNA. Temporary tags get added to your DNA that tells your body what to do in response to the environment. If you eat garbage food, the DNA in your body will change in accordance and you’ll start to fall apart at the genetic level.

Food Myth #3: Food is Complicated

The truth? Food is simple. Healthy food, that is. Eating healthy doesn’t require a fancy science degree or complex knowledge of biology. Take the time to read food labels. Look for real, natural foods that aren’t full of additives, preservatives, or chemicals. Cook simple meals full of flavor and whole ingredients.

Food does one of two things. It either nourishes or causes inflammation. If you eat food that nourishes, you build your body out of bricks. If you eat food that causes inflammation, you start pulling the triggers on disease and illness.

Inflammation is a root cause for cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, and mental health problems. Eating foods that cause inflammation will inevitably lead you down the path to bigger health problems, including a bigger waistline.

It will take time to heal inflammation. You’ve spent 20, 40, or 60 years doing the damage. You can’t heal it overnight with a quick fix. It takes time and dedication to eating right and overhauling your lifestyle.

What could you do with your life if you were able to eliminate your inflammation, oversized waistline, and disease? Can you imagine?

I bet it’s worth making the change.

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