I Read "Girl, Stop Apologizing" & Loved It, Except This One Thing...
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I Read “Girl, Wash Your Face” & Loved It, Except This One Thing…

Rachel Hollis’ newest book “Girl, Stop Apologizing” is magic. It’s inspiring, uplifting, and the exact kick in the butt that you need to get on with making your dreams a reality. I loved it. Every single word.

Except this one part. It was a small section, a mere supporting detail to a bigger, wonderful thought. But those few paragraphs jumped out at me so hard because I knew how many women would be reading this book. How many women would take Rachel’s words to heart. And how many women would be mislead by Rachel’s ignorance in this one area.

“Girl, Stop Apologizing”, Misinformed

At one point, Rachel is discussing how the health industry has exploded in order to take our money as consumers. That all of the diets and books and plans floating around out there confuse us and are unnecessary add-ons for us to buy. Rachel claims that eating healthy is actual quite simple. Just burn more calories than you take in. She talks about how delicious Chick-Fil-A fries are, but insinuates that if you really want to indulge, they’ll cost you some extra time at the gym.

Calories are not a weight loss plan.

But here’s the thing. Burning more calories than you eat is NOT the foolproof way to lose weight. Science has proved it. Experience has proved it. If it was really as easy as just running some extra miles on the treadmill, we wouldn’t have the obesity epidemic that we have now. We wouldn’t have the heart-breaking explosion in disease rates. And we wouldn’t have the massive industry throwing all this misinformation around.

Rachel meant well. I’m not saying she didn’t. But she is wrong about health and how to lose weight or be healthy. Calories are not the problem with Chick-Fil-A fries. The problems lies in the vegetable oil that fills your body with damaged, no good fats. The Round-Up on the potatoes is highly toxic and can lead to cancer and auto-immune diseases. Low-quality food is lacking in nutrients that serve your body.

Calories are not the problem. Toxins and highly-inflammatory foods are. Counting calories is not the way to lose weight. Eating highly nutritious foods, sleeping well, and removing toxins from your environment is. Reduce your stress levels. Bring your life into balance. Don’t put chemicals on your skin.

Want to lose weight?

Our dear friend Rachel wrote a wonderful book, and I hope you read it. You can pick up a copy of “Girl, Stop Apologizing” from anywhere books are sold or check out the audiobook for free at your local library like I did. It will challenge you, inspire you, and push you to make things happen. To live the life you want to live.

But friend, please understand that the way to get healthy is far more complicated than just counting calories. I’m not saying that the diet industry is helpful, either. There is a lot of confusion, lies, and manipulation out there to take your money and not make you feel any better. But there is a better way. A way that doesn’t including counting or buying pre-packaged meals.

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