Why Metrics Matter
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Why Metrics Matter | Day 6 of 90

I don’t know what kind of relationship you have with the scale. As a lifelong athlete and adulthood long health junkie, I’ve never really had a problem with the my weight. The number really doesn’t mean much to me.

I know that’s not the case for everyone. Many, MANY (as in most) people struggle with weight. And if you didn’t, you probably did in the past. I get it.

If you’re rolling your eyes and thinking “she doesn’t freaking get it”, don’t discount me yet. Just because weight hasn’t been my issue, doesn’t mean I have struggled. We’re all different.

Why Measure?

But the point here is that if you have a goal, numbers matter — including the one on the scale.

That which can be measured can be improved.

If you’ve never heard the saying before, I’m saying it now. That which can be measured can be improved.

I’m not sure who to credit this saying to. I’ve heard Peter Drucker and Lord Kelvin. Who really knows? The point is that it’s good stuff.

In order to have a goal, weight loss or otherwise, you must have a clearly defined starting point and ending point. You must have a way to measure your success. Otherwise, how will you know if and when you’ve gotten there?

We’ll stick with the weight loss theme. If your goals is this: “I want to lose weight”. Well, how much weight? When will you be able to say: “This is my ideal weight.”

You won’t know unless you look at the numbers. “I weigh 145 pounds. I want to weigh 125 pounds.”

NOW you have a goal. A clearly defined point A and point B. Once you’ve got that, you can start mapping out the path between the two points.

Maybe that path is intermediate goals. “I will eat this and stop eating that.” “I will exercise 3x per week and work up to 6x per week.” Or maybe “I will strive for this bedtime and this many hours of sleep.” These are all things that contribute in different ways to losing weight.

Metrics Matter

But these goals are still clearly defined by metrics that you can measure. You can identify specific foods, count the number of times you workout, and track your sleep habits.

You might not like the scale. And you might not like the number that you see.

Some metrics (weight or otherwise) carry a LOT of emotion and baggage. It’s okay to feel that emotion. It’s not okay to run away from the numbers.

The only way to change the number is to face it.

If you’ve been wondering why I’m tracking so many metrics — including things I don’t even want to change, this is why. The data is valuable to me because I can see how things interact and what impact variables have on my body.

I’m not looking to lose weight. I am looking to build muscle, get more flexible, and sleep better. But guess what? These things are probably related to other biometrics like weight!

So I’m measuring it all. All the metrics I can track are getting measured so that I can improve.

The metrics matter.


Aaaaand speaking of metrics! On to today’s check in! Since tomorrow is Day 7, I’ll start averaging the data from my scale then. Otherwise the chart is going to get way too big, and that’s not helpful.

This morning’s workout included a run, day 4 of the 100 day glute challenge by Blogilates, and some miscellaneous pilates and yoga. I almost didn’t wake up for my workout because I was still feeling a little drained from being sick, but I’m so glad I powered through. It wasn’t my best performance, but it boosted my energy and made me feel better.

I ovulated on Sunday I’m pretty sure, so I’m into my follicular phase of my cycle, high on progesterone and “me time”.

8/23 PM8/24 AM8/24 PM8/25 AM8/25 PM8/26 AM8/26 PM8/27 AM8/27 PM8/28 AM8/28 PM
Weight (lb)119.4119.0119.8119.0120.2118.8120.8117.4119.6119.4118.8
Body Fat %15.9%15.9%16.0%15.9%16.1%15.8%16.1%15.6%16.0%15.9%15.8%
Fat-Free Body Weight (lb)100.4100.2100.6100.2100.8100.0101.499.0100.6100.4100.0
Subcutaneous Fat %14.8%14.7%14.8%14.7%14.9%14.7%15.0%14.4%14.8%14.7%14.7%
Visceral Fat33333333333
Body Water %57.7%57.7%57.6%57.7%57.6%57.8%57.5%57.9%57.7%57.7%57.8%
Skeletal Muscle %49.0%49.0%48.9%49.0%48.9%49.1%48.9%49.2%49.0%49.0%49.0%
Muscle Mass (lb)94.494.294.694.294.894.
Bone Mass (lb)
Protein %20.5%20.6%20.5%20.5%20.5%20.6%20.5%20.6%20.5%20.5%20.6%
Basal Metabolic Rate (kcal)13531351135513511358134913621340135413531349


Total Sleep Time7 hr 28 min8 hr 7 min8 hr 27 min6 hr 23 min7 hr 43 min7 hr 7 min
Time In Bed8 hr 0 min9 hr 0 min8 hr 58 min7 hr 24 min8 hr 25 min7 hr 56 min
REM Sleep0 hr 59 min1 hr 22 min1 hr 22 min0 hr 30 min0 hr 24 min0 hr 7 min
Deep Sleep1 hr 26 min1 hr 57 min2 hr 15 min2 hr 1 min2 hr 10 min3 hr 19 min
Bed Time9:19 PM11:39 PM12:16 AM9:50 PM10:36 PM9:18 PM
Wake Time5:19 AM8:39 AM9:14 AM5:14 AM7:01 AM5:14 AM
Latency14 min29 min11 min3 min4 min10 min
Lowest Resting Heart Rate48 bpm47 bpm48 bpm46 bpm53 bpm45 bpm

I had 3 wake ups last night, so I’ve still go a lot of progress to make when it comes to sleep. I’ve also gotten basically no REM sleep for 3 nights in a row now, so I’m going to start putting more focus there.

My bedtime last night was better, but I really struggle with not letting the clock get away from me. Consistency is really what I want, so it’s time to start taking better action!

Okay, enough rambling! I’ve got to grab my True Dark red glasses and start winding down. Striving more more REM sleep tonight!

Much love,