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Bigger Big Goals | Day 3 of 90

Big goals are scary. But more importantly, they’re necessary.

I mentioned a couple days ago that I’ll be writing down my goals every day in present tense form. But what I didn’t do is share those goals. I think that’s what I’ll start doing today.

New Big Goal

But first, a little background on my day.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today. I was actually planning on just dropping in a paragraph with my daily metrics and moving on. Nothing ground breaking to share.

And then I was on Instagram. (Ya know, how every good story starts…) I was chatting with some of you guys about the new line of organic lipsticks I’m working on for the shop which of course led to endless scrolling. And then I stopped with Mrs. Rachel Hollis.

Ugh, I love her. Don’t you?

Yesterday, she and her husband did something that I had never heard of before. But as soon as I heard that this thing existed, I knew I HAD to do it.

Apparently there’s some endurance challenge where you climb a mountain in Utah 13 times within 36 hours, and the climb is supposed to be equivalent to climbing Mount Everest.


This got me thinking about my list of big goals that I write down every day. One of them?

“I run the Boston marathon every year.”

To me, this represents the level of fitness that I want to achieve. And it represents consistency of excellence. Two things that I value highly.

I’ve done one marathon before and was not adequately trained. While I finished, I ended up injured with a dreadful time. Not what I wanted out of the experience. I definitely have another marathon in my future — many, actually — but in a time when I am properly conditioned for the task. And by then, I won’t have to worry about all the injuries and burn out that I’ve dealt with before.

Maybe this is a rant for another day.

Point being, that’s one of my 10 goals that I write down every day. And my fitness goals established on day 1 all feed into this goal: consistency, flexibility, strength, balance, etc.

Before the big goal? The work.

I want a solid foundation for my big goals, and I’m building that foundation now. It’s a slow build. Having a solid foundation takes time, but it’s necessary for actually achieving those big goals.

If you’ve got big goals that feel sooooo out of reach, you’re wondering why you should even bother, think again. Write that goal down every day as if it’s you’re reality.

“I run the Boston marathon every year.”

Then make a game plan. You need actionable steps that you can take and a series of goals that add up to achieving your big goal.

For example, I’m starting by running 3x a week and working out at least 5x a week for 90 days. This isn’t my ultimate goal, but it is setting the stage for habits and a foundation that will allow me to run the Boston marathon every year.

And now I’m adding the Everest climb to the list. 29029 feet — I’m coming for you.

Okay, so on to today’s check-in!


It’s cycle day 20. I think I ovulated today, but it’ll take a few days to be sure after watching my basal body temp and other biometrics.

No workout today either. I tend to rest on the weekends and hit it during the week when I have a regular schedule. Tomorrow will start with my regular meditation, yoga, and run! And I’m actually really looking forward to it. Especially when I keep in mind that each step and each mile is building towards my annual Boston and an Everest climb.

Plus, I just feel so good after it. All the grogginess from the 5 AM alarm is gone, and my energy is amazing!

8/23 PM8/24 AM8/24 PM8/25 AM8/25 PM
Weight (lb)119.4119.0119.8119.0120.2
Body Fat %15.9%15.9%16.0%15.9%16.1%
Fat-Free Body Weight (lb)100.4100.2100.6100.2100.8
Subcutaneous Fat %14.8%14.7%14.8%14.7%14.9%
Visceral Fat33333
Body Water %57.7%57.7%57.6%57.7%57.6%
Skeletal Muscle %49.0%49.0%48.9%49.0%48.9%
Muscle Mass (lb)94.494.294.694.294.8
Bone Mass (lb)
Protein %20.5%20.6%20.5%20.5%20.5%
Basal Metabolic Rate (kcal)13531351135513511358


Total Sleep Time7 hr 28 min8 hr 7 min8 hr 27 min
Time In Bed8 hr 0 min9 hr 0 min8 hr 58 min
REM Sleep0 hr 59 min1 hr 22 min1 hr 22 min
Deep Sleep1 hr 26 min1 hr 57 min2 hr 15 min
Bed Time9:19 PM11:39 PM12:16 AM
Wake Time5:19 AM8:39 AM9:14 AM
Latency14 min29 min11 min
Lowest Resting Heart Rate48 bpm47 bpm48 bpm

I’m keeping this check in brief tonight so I can get on to bed! 5 AM is gonna come early.

Talk tomorrow & much love,