I am empowered to sleep.
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I Am Empowered To Sleep | Day 2 of 90

It’s only day 2, and I’m quickly realizing that sleep is going to be the hardest part of this for me. I reeeeeeally struggle with bed time.

Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE sleep. Waking up without an alarm clock is the standard for “living the dream” in my book.

But when it comes to actually *going* to bed, I turn into a 6 year old child.

I’m such a night owl that I will find every excuse in the book to stay up. “Just lemme finish this blog post.” “I’m just going to read for a few minutes.” “But I’m enjoying spending time with Tim.” “One more episode.”


I am a grown-ass woman — 24 years of age — and bed time should not be an internal drama on par with a toddler.

A mantra that I’ve decided to adopt through this process is “I am empowered to sleep.”

I know that good sleep is a key driver in succeeding in other areas. By getting enough high-quality sleep, I’m also serving my business, my relationship, and my mental health. TV is a bad excuse for anything, anytime.

If I want the benefits, I need to woman-up and take charge of my sleep.

This includes planning ahead so no seemingly urgent events take place when it’s time to wind down. Communicating openly with my partner so that my sleep needs are met. And giving myself the power to set a bedtime and stick to it.

Now, this does involve a little grace, particularly on the weekends. I am a night owl and enjoy sleeping in. I tend to get my highest quality sleep when I stick to my natural rhythm — to bed around 11 and wake around 9, give or take an hour.

Since this clock doesn’t fit into my regular weekday schedule, I will be taking advantage of it on the weekends. You better believe that there’s no 5 AM alarm on my Saturday mornings. That’s sacred time for sleep! But come Monday, the awful beeping will commence at 5 sharp, and I’ll drag my groggy butt out of bed for a run.

I am empowered to sleep.

I can turn off the tv, close the computer, kiss my man goodnight. And go the heck to bed!

Alright, so let’s talk numbers…


I’ve added today’s morning and evening weigh ins to the chart. Once I hit a full week, I’ll just average over each week so there aren’t a gazillion columns.

It’s day 19 of my cycle. Still not quite sure if I’ve ovulated yet. (I warned you yesterday about me sharing TMI. Not sorry.)

My weight and biometrics are stable. I wouldn’t expect much to change in 24 hours. Today was a rest day as far as workouts go. I hit it hard this week and ran MWF so a rest day was much needed! I may do a little workout tomorrow. We’ll see!

8/23 PM8/24 AM8/24 PM
Weight (lb)119.4119.0119.8
Body Fat %15.9%15.9%16.0%
Fat-Free Body Weight (lb)100.4100.2100.6
Subcutaneous Fat %14.8%14.7%14.8%
Visceral Fat333
Body Water %57.7%57.7%57.6%
Skeletal Muscle %49.0%49.0%48.9%
Muscle Mass (lb)94.494.294.6
Bone Mass (lb)
Protein %20.5%20.6%20.5%
Basal Metabolic Rate (kcal)135313511355


Since it was a Friday night and I could actually sleep in a little, I got much higher quality sleep. I got 31 minutes of deep sleep and 23 minutes of REM sleep by only sleeping 39 minutes more. I’m telling ya — timing is everything! I’m much closer to that 11 PM to 9 AM window here and my sleep quality skyrocketed.

Total Sleep Time7 hr 28 min8 hr 7 min
Time In Bed8 hr 0 min9 hr 0 min
REM Sleep0 hr 59 min1 hr 22 min
Deep Sleep1 hr 26 min1 hr 57 min
Bed Time9:19 PM11:39 PM
Wake Time5:19 AM8:39 AM
Latency14 min29 min

My latency was long though. Typically, it should only take 5-10 minutes max to fall asleep. This means more breath work and red glasses before bed to chill out before actually trying to sleep. I’m wearing the glasses now, so check mark there tonight!

Other things that could impact my sleep are what I ate in the hours leading up to bedtime and when I ate. I guess I should start sharing my meals and timing as well. I’ll start that tomorrow!


Okay, so today was a little bit of a rough start. I didn’t meditate at all. Company was over first thing in the morning, and then I was out all day. Tomorrow I have no major plans that should interrupt my regular meditation schedule, so I’ll be back on track.

I started my morning with some foot reflexology after a super fast cleaning binge before said company showed up. And before hitting the hay for the night, I’ll be sure to get in a little Mandarin practice.

Yay! With day 2 done, I am officially making progress — even if I can’t see it yet! To chime into the convo, pop on over to my IG and leave a comment. The response from everyone so far has been amazing, so thank you!!

Talk soon & much love,