Why I Started My All-Natural Skin Care Company, Egyptian Organics
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Why I Started My All-Natural Skin Care Company, Egyptian Organics

I was never super into skin care. Not because I wasn’t interested or didn’t like makeup. But because every single thing I put on my skin set me on fire. I just couldn’t wear it. And the price tags didn’t make it any more attractive.

The Other Girls’ Skin Care

As a young woman growing up, all my friends had their own beauty routines. They had cabinets full of products from Sephora — brightly colored lipsticks, blemish creams, and cool looking mascara tubes.

What did I have? A bottle of witch hazel and a bar of soap.

Totally not “cool” compared to my friends’ scented Bath & Body Works shower gels and other brand-name cleansing products.

But I was okay with this because I knew that there was something wrong with these popular products. I mean, I couldn’t even walk into Bath & Body Works without getting a serious headache immediately. I might not have been super educated about health and eating well at that point in my life, but I knew that I did not want these things on my body.

Money Didn’t Fix It

As an adult, I had more choices. I had my own money to buy more expensive “natural” products. But for some reason, those weren’t any better. My skin burned and turned red. And I’ve never been one to waste money — especially on pricey makeup. I was used to going without, so I did.

But I still wanted to be able to take care of my skin. I wanted to be able to moisturize and wash my face. And I really wanted to be able to wear a little makeup when it was time to get fancy. I needed another solution if I wanted a different look than what every product on the market was giving me: bright, burning red everywhere.

By this point I was already learning about nutrition, chemicals, and health living practices. I was only eating organic food and working to remove other sources of toxins from my life. That included all the chemicals in beauty products, too.

An All-Natural Skin Care Company

This idea started for an all-natural skin care company because I couldn’t find any skin care products that fully met my standard of quality for ingredients. And when I say “couldn’t find any”, I mean it. I deep-Googled. Browsed every brand touting “natural” and “organic” labels. Took recommendations from others. All to absolutely zero avail.

There were no products for me and my sensitive skin. No products without a single bottom-line chemical. Nothing at any price point that I could use.

I started making my own to fill the void: makeup, lotions, even shampoo. You see, I am a woman of action. I got to work Pinterest-ing and experimenting. I tested recipes, made them my own — spending months tweaking and perfecting them to get the results I wanted. Soon, my bathroom was full of my own products.

I had a rake moment (you know, when you step on a rake and it smacks you in the face) that lit a fire under me to start this business — other people need this stuff, too! I know I’m not the only one out there googling “organic lipstick”, getting super excited when I find a new “natural” brand, and then getting super disappointed when the bottom line of ingredients includes weird chemicals and dyes. Every time, I think, “They got so close! But I still don’t want to put that on my face.”

A Better Choice

Well, my lady, your life is about to change, too. I’m bringing you the feel and look of conventional skin care without the loads of chemicals for your beautiful to absorb. Free of synthetic dyes, toxic metals, and anything else shady and unpronounceable. I want to do things right: purchasing organic ingredients (and fair trade when possible).

Everything is made in small batches by hand with much love for your skin and care for your wellbeing. I’ve put care and thought into every single ingredient. Each one has a purpose. And each one comes from nature.

The fragrances are essential oils that not only smell good, but benefit your health without containing endocrine disruptors. I use rosemary oil as a preservative and avoid water-based ingredients to ensure the products aren’t bacteria-breeding petri dishes. Oils, butters, and clays cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize without a drop of chemical additive.

My Gift to You

If this sounds right up your alley, then I’ve got a gift for you. Head over to my shop, and I’ll give you 15% off your first purchase!