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Am I Bad At Meditation? I Can’t Stop Thinking!

I’ll start by saying this… There’s no such thing as being “bad at meditation”. The only bad mediation is one that you don’t do. If you’re thinking that all those thoughts you have make you bad at meditation, think again!

The mind is made to think. That’s its job. That’s what it will do all day, every day until you die. There’s no escaping it. Consciously turning off your thoughts is like telling your heart to stop beating. Not gonna happen.

But isn’t turning off your thoughts, quieting your mind, & sinking into nothingness what meditation is all about? Actually, no. It’s totally not!! Meditation is a quiet place for you to go, but that doesn’t mean the mind is gonna shut up. In fact, I can guarantee you that just like your beating heart, it’s never gonna stop. Even for — especially for — meditation.

Meditation is where you go to harness your thoughts — to tap into what’s going on. You can check in with your body, how you’re feeling, experience the space you are in at the present moment, and just be. Thoughts and all.

The key is to allow the thoughts to come and go without getting hung up on them and going down the rabbit hole. Observe like a third party, but let the thoughts pass. Imagine you’re sitting on the side of the road and your thoughts are the cars. Don’t chase the cars. Just watch them go. That’s the true beauty of meditation and practicing self-awareness and mindfulness.

Now that you’ve freed yourself from the idea that meditation has to be thought-free to be “good”, don’t hold back! Enjoy your practice knowing full-well that the thoughts will come and go.

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