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Egyptian Organics: My Personal Experience

I was one of those people who always struggled with breakouts. I tried every product in the book — from Proactiv to an intense dermatologist-prescribed medicated cream that dried my face out like sandpaper.

It wasn’t until a new company came into my life that my skin care routine changed dramatically — for the better!

Here’s a look at my personal experience with Egyptian Organics skin care, and why you should consider adding it to your routine!

The skin care struggle was REAL.

Puberty hit me hard for some reason. Maybe it was all the sports mixed with horrible skin care practices, but whatever it was, I felt so trapped. I tried everything from Neutrogena to Proactiv. My mom spent TONS of money on every new fad that came along. But nothing worked.

Eventually, I was so self-conscious that my mom decided to take me to a dermatologist. They dosed me up with an oral medication (which ended up burning holes in my esophagus. True story) and the most sulfur-smelling cream, which took every ounce of moisture from my skin.

Still, nothing worked. Especially not that. Sooooo many dollars later, and I was actually worse off than before.

Better, but not really.

Eventually, age took over and my acne decreased. But the sun spots didn’t. Being a lifeguard in Florida, in the middle of the summer, is brutal.

So, I kept trying things. Kept spending the money. Kept being disappointed.

I almost got roped into Rodan and Fields. Thankfully, I dodged that bullet. There is nothing wrong with that company, in particular. I just personally cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars for chemicals that take months to maybe or maybe not achieve results.

I wanted something affordable that worked.

Thus entered, Egyptian Organics.

My best friend approached me with the idea for a skin care and cosmetic line that actually was chemical-free. Natural ingredients, straight from the Earth, with nothing to hide. She makes all of the products in house and uses them herself! She needed help kickstarting the biz, so of course I was eager to come along!

One must not attempt to sell products without knowing how they work first. And these products had been put through the ringer.

I was in LOVE.

My personal favs & why I love them!

Charcoal Clay Face Mask

Perfect for a deep skin detox. The activated charcoal pulls out toxins, and leaves your face feeling silky smooth! It relieves inflammation, and put some much-needed moisture back in your skin! After I was sick with a mean virus, this was the first thing I used! Get it HERE!

Matcha Clay Face Mask

This one was key in fighting my acne. It deep cleans my pores, without leaving a dry mess. Matcha is wonderful for so many things, and people have been using it for centuries. This truly is better than any over-the-counter or special ordered product. Follow up with a moisturizer, and you are good to go! Get yours HERE!

Chamomile Clay Face Mask

Rejuvenation to the fullest! When I feel like pampering myself, I pull this out! Put it on, and chill for an hour. You’ll quickly forget it’s even on! It exfoliates, cleanses, and moisturizes — leaving your skin bright, radiant, and clear as day! Mix a little with the matcha, for an added bonus! Check it out HERE!

Organic Day Cream

This gives me a reason to get excited about waking up. Smooth this on, and you don’t even need makeup. Instantly feel like you just walked off the beach, and watch as it gradually brightens your face to reveal a more youthful appearance! This has been the saving grace for my sun spots! Find yours now right HERE!

Organic Night Cream

Going to bed just got THAT much better. The chamomile oil is great for fighting insomnia and puts me to sleep fast. The geranium fights wrinkles and tones your skin while you snooze! I wake up in a better mood and ready to rock the day! Get yours HERE!

Your new skin care routine.

I look forward to my whole skin care routine now!

I use each mask once a week. So, I’m essentially giving myself 3 mini spa days a week. I also use the face creams on the daily. There are so many other amazing EO products that I sprinkle in as I feel like it, too!

Now, you can do your skin care for cheap, in the comfort of your own bathroom, in no more than an hour. It feels like going the spa without the Sephora price tag!

Egyptian Organics changed my life.

I no longer dread my skin care routine. Before, I was embarrassed to discuss what I use or let anyone see the bag full of chemicals that I dragged around.

No more!

Now, I am never embarrassed to discuss my skin care routine or let people know that my bathroom is full of Egyptian Organics. And I love to throw them in my bag on the go and show off these products I love.

If it sounds like I’m gushing, you would be right! I am excited about my skin and the progress I am seeing. I love the wonderful, hydrated feeling I experience each time I put on my beloved products.

You can be excited, too!

Throw away those awful chemicals, and shop Egyptian Organics! Our philosophy is organically beautiful, with nothing to hide, and we are true to our name!

Check out the store, and take 15% off your first order, on us!

Sending you sunshine,


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