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The Insane Benefits of Using Clay for Skin Care

Since ancient times, clay has been a top item kept on hand by women everywhere for taking care of skin and hair. Even Cleopatra herself would have used clay for skin care. But what’s the attraction of putting dirt on your body to get clean? Doesn’t seem to make sense… or does it?

Clay for Skin Care

Drinks the Bad Stuff

Each clay varies in what it’s best used for. In general, clay is an absorbing substance because it has lots of tiny pores that can soak up oils, toxins, and other impurities. It’s literally like the clay “drinks” the bad stuff from your skin. Clays are generally very sensitive to metal and can absorb metals readily. It’s a good idea to only use wood (or plastic if you have to) utensils around clay, so the metal doesn’t get absorbed by the clay and transferred to your skin.

There is a spectrum of absorbency when it comes to using clay for skin care. For example, kaolin clay does not actually absorb oil from the skin, making it a very popular choice for people with sensitive skin. On the other end of the spectrum, bentonite clay is highly absorbing which makes it a powerful detoxer. However, it can be a little harsh when used too frequently on skin.

Nutrient Rich

Some clays, like French green clay, have naturally beautiful colors. The green color from French green clay is due to iron oxides and decomposed plant matter like algae. This makes them very rich in nutrients that can benefit your skin and hair.


Clay’s fine texture is amazing for gently exfoliating and cleansing skin. That’s why I love it so much in masks (for hair or face!). It does a great job of scrubbing away the dead skin, pulling out the toxins, and leaving your fresh face and clean. That’s right… all from dirt! In fact, for over 1400 years, Rhassoul clay has been used in everything from soap to shampoo to luxury spa treatments.

Wanna try it?

Want to get this muddy luxury spa experience by using clay-based products from the comfort of your own home? Try the clay face masks from my Egyptian Organics organic skin are line. I have a carefully crafted blend of 3 different clays — Rhassoul, kaolin, and French green — to get you the best results. The charcoal mask is my personal fav 😉

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