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Why I Meditate Twice A Day & You Should, Too

I know you’re busy. We all are, aren’t we? Some days it seems impossible to find 10 minutes to do things that we actually want to do. But what if I told you that I set aside 40 minutes every single day strictly dedicated to meditation? It might sound crazy. Time is valuable real estate, and 40 minutes is a lot of time. But the benefits of meditation are so powerful that is actually doesn’t make sense not to meditate.

Meditation benefits your brain and body in every way. It wakes up your underused right brain, reduces stress, and can even cause physical healing in your body.

How I Meditate

I follow the meditation teachings of Emily Fletcher. Each meditation session is about 20 minutes total — 2 minutes for mindfulness, 15 minutes for meditation, and 2 minutes for manifestation. This process is a powerful stress reducer. I meditate once first thing in the morning and once in the afternoon before dinner.

The Bank of Stress

But why is once a day not enough? Think about it this way.

Your body is like a bank of stress. When you experience stress, your body holds onto it and stores it away. Meditation takes that stress out of the bank and disposes of it. Gone!

So let’s say that every day, you get 3 units of stress put in the bank. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but over time those 3 units a day add up! Meditating removes 3 units of stress from the bank. So if you meditate only once a day, you’re adding and remove 3 units of stress every day. This is only breaking even. But if you meditate twice a day, you’re removing 6 units of stress but only adding 3 per day. The second meditation is helping to clean out the bank that is holding all of the old stress units!

Now obviously, this isn’t a perfect analogy. Not every day results in the same amount of added stress. But you can see my point. Meditating twice a day helps your body clean out the old emotional baggage so that you can think more clearly, live happier, and be healthier.

If your meditation practice needs a recharge, I highly recommend carving out the time for it. Meditation is too valuable to skip, especially when it’s something so easy to do! It’s time to start clearing out the bank of stress.

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