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Why You Should Reconsider Your Multivitamin

More than 1/3 of all Americans take a multivitamin or mineral supplement [1]. But I’m here to tell you that you can’t out supplement a bad diet. And your multivitamin might not be the health saving grace that you think it is.

Here are some considerations when it comes to taking a multivitamin.


It’s easy to overdose on certain vitamins when you take a multivitamin. They’re so generic, and you are so unique!

Small amounts of expensive vitamins and minerals are used so they can make it onto the label, but those tend to be the ones people have larger deficiencies in. This also makes it easier to get too much of the vitamins that are in larger percentages because they’re cheaper.

Not to mention that you do get vitamins and minerals in your food, so if you get 200% of your vitamin A from a multivitamin, you’re overdoing it.


Quality is another consideration you should take seriously.

For example, folic acid is a commonly used form of B vitamin in supplements, but folate is the form your body actually needs. One study examined the effects of adding folic acid to flour in Chile. They concluded that fortifying flour with folic acid was associated with the risk of colon cancer [2].

When it comes to quality, ownership can be a problem. Nestle bought Garden of Life back in 2017 [3]. But I have to wonder if Nestle has the same values when it comes to food and quality that I do and Garden of life did. The other products they sell are not up to snuff for sure.


Some vitamins and minerals are best absorbed through the skin while others should be taken orally. If you’re looking to supplement a particular vitamin or mineral, it may be in your best interest to do research on the one thing you actually need and take it in the most efficient way. A multivitamin may actually be overkill.

Rethink Your Multivitamin

I’m not your doctor. I’m not telling you to stop taking your multivitamin. What I am saying is that you should do you homework.

Know exactly what your deficiencies are and target them. Don’t just pop your daily MV for the sake of general health and move on. If you get specific and optimize your supplementation, that’s where the most benefits lie!

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