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It’s Not Your Fault You’re Fat: 3 Reasons Your Weight Loss Plan Failed

You’ve followed all the rules.

You buy sugar free. And fat free. And “diet”. Eat 5-11 servings of bread a day. You went vegetarian, stopped eating eggs, and even buy soy milk. You count your calories religiously and skip the mayo on your sandwiches. You cook with vegetable oil instead of lard. You snack on whole grain crackers instead of candy. And when you do eat candy, you only eat mini-sized treats. You eat salmon or tuna when you do want meat. On your Friday date nights, you go for sushi instead of burgers. You exercise 3 times per week for at least 20 minutes – or more.

You’ve done everything you’re supposed to do to be healthy. And for weight loss.

You should be skinny already. No muffin top. No thunder thighs. No cankles. All this and the number on the scale keeps going up.

All you want is to lose the weight. Why is it so hard?

I know.

I know the rules. The dedication. The struggle to be healthy.

It’s not your fault.

It’s not your fault you’re fat.

You’ve been lied to, manipulated, addicted, blinded, and misled.

And it makes weight loss impossible.

You’re not alone either. Studies have shown that most Americans follow the guidelines. Yet obesity and disease are skyrocketing!

Let me walk you through the 3 reasons why your weight loss plan failed even though you did everything “right”.

Spoiler alert: that list of “healthy” habits you just read? Every single one is a myth.

Sugar free” sweeteners are toxic. Fat is good for you. Carbs should be eaten in moderation. Meat and eggs are good for you. Soy is a hormone disruptor. You don’t have to count calories when you eat real food. Mayo is maybe the only healthy thing about that white bread sandwich. Vegetable oils aren’t healthy. Grains? Moderation and gluten free. Candy is a sugar bomb full of toxic additives like colors, flavors, and processed oils. Salmon and tuna have high levels of mercury and other heavy metals. And sushi is a high carb, mercury-filled, sugary-sauced junk food.

If your mind just exploded, you’re not alone.

But why does it feel like the secret to health is top secret? How can you know the right way?


Ughhh, right? You’re tired of hearing about politics.

Well, this is the type of politics you haven’t heard about.

Like how Proctor & Gamble is the reason the American Heart Association exists. You won’t hear about that on the news!

Or what about how the chicken industry is behind the demonization of red meat? And the big-agra lobbyists who bury scientific studies that would condemn their foods and get recommendation policies changed?

The companies selling you “healthy” food get to call the shots about what’s considered healthy. A study that proves cholesterol is the source of heart attacks wasn’t published for 40 YEARS because the scientists had already decided what should be true and wouldn’t believe their findings.

In fact, it took a lawsuit from a 97 year old scientist to get a policy changed to say vegetable oil is bad for you — but there was no press conference or announcement. The recommendations were quietly changed on the government websites, and the public was none the wiser. I bet you’re even reading this right now and thinking that canola oil a healthy option.

Books have been written about food politics, and I’m not trying to write a novel here. So I’ll save the soap box for another day. Just keep in mind that a lot of money and influence has gone into the products on the shelves and the recommendations about what to eat to be healthy.


It won’t surprise you that any political move a corporation makes is to make money. Businesses make money — that’s the goal. By selling you more processed crap, they make more money. Simple.

Remember when low fat dairy became the thing? Skim milk, low fat yogurt, reduced fat butter. What did the dairy companies do with the fat? Make cheese! Suddenly cheese was in absolutely everything — casseroles, frozen meals, shredded, cubed, stringed. All easy to cook with and convenient to eat. It would have been a huge financial hit to just throw away the fat. Instead, companies turned it into a product.

Do you keep Crisco in your kitchen? Here’s a little origin story…

Crisco was originally used as machine lubricant. P&G (a soap making company) wanted to harden it and sell it as soap, so they did gross processing to it to make it stiff. Then they decided to bleach it and sell it as a cheap food product.

Just one example of Profit > Health.


Processed food has literally been engineered to be addictive. Food scientists work in labs to create the “bliss point”, the perfect combination of fat, salt, and sugar so your taste buds just can’t say no.

Companies even use phrases like “high volume users” when talking about how to get you to drink more soda and eat more junk food.

On top of that, the marketing and packaging is designed to think you’re being healthier than you actually are. You know how beauty products like soaps and shampoos are always in really beautiful packaging with symbols of nature on them? It’s usually a trick to make you think that what’s in the bottle matches the outside label. But if you read the ingredients, that shampoo is actually a long list of chemicals that definitely did not come from nature!

Not to mention that these companies have been selling to you before you even knew what a commercial was. Tony the Tiger. “Trix are for kids!” Dora the Explorer fruit snacks. All at a 5 year old’s eye level in the store and plastered on tv every 10 minutes. Your young, developing brain didn’t have a shot.

I recently had a conversation with a friend, and she just exploded about how it’s “all lies upon lies upon lies!” And she’s right. (And no longer a vegetarian!)

Weight loss frustration?

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