Crystals 101 & My First Crystal Shopping Experience

With a lot of research and science starting to support what we’ve known for millennia about health, some of my interests have drifted to topics that we have less modern scientific evidence about. One of those topics is crystals & how a crystal can interact with a human. Now, I get it, it’s a little woo-woo and there isn’t a stack of published research studies explaining the science behind how we interact with crystals. But luck for you, I have an MSc in Physics & Materials Science soooo… I’m gonna break this down for you from the hard science perspective and then we can talk about what that might mean for how crystals could affect the human body.

Crystals 101

What is a crystal?

A crystal is simply defined as a substance where the atoms are organized in a repeatable pattern. We call this a “lattice”. Table salt is a really easy example. Regular white table salt is made of sodium and chlorine atoms that are organized in a symmetric geometry. Take a look at this:

Image result for salt crystal atoms


The green balls are chlorine atoms, and the purple balls are sodium atoms. As you can see, the pattern repeats over and over: green, purple, green, purple.

This type is a really simple crystal. They can get much more complex, but for each type of crystal, you can eventually get down to one basic building block that gets used over and over.

The way a crystal is put together like this results in a super stable, solid structure. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is actually why crystals are so special.

Crystal Vibration & Energy

Every single object vibrates. Even objects that don’t seem to be moving, like a table or chair. At the atomic level, the atoms (or balls like in the picture above) are moving all the time. We call this vibration because they don’t get to travel far. Each atom bounces back and forth among the other atoms around it. It’s like an invisible spring attaches each neighboring atom:

Image result for vibration atoms


Depending on how fast and furious this vibration is, a different amount of energy is involved. We won’t get into the nitty gritty science of vibration here. This isn’t a physics lecture 😉 But I do want to go down the rabbit hole of energy…

So let’s connect vibration to energy. When an atom vibrates, it can vibrate fast or slow. The number of times something makes a full vibrational motion in a second is called frequency. And frequency isn’t just a science-y word. You can use it to describe anything: going to the grocery store once per week is how frequently you shop.

Frequency is related to energy. The higher the frequency the higher the energy, which is actually intuitive. The more something is moving, the more energy it has!

Now let’s bring this back around to crystals…

Each crystal has a different lattice with a different basic building block made up of different atoms. This means that each crystal also has different vibration and different vibrational energy.

Crystal Energy + Human Energy

Humans are electrical beings. Electric and magnetic fields are completely linked. We as humans have electrical and magnetic fields that have amazing power that extends several feet around us. (This is worth an entire blog post on it’s own. I’ll save it for another day.) Crystals also give off electromagnetic radiation (read: electric/magnetic energy) as a result of the vibration we just talked about. We can call it an EMF (electromagnetic frequency).

Crystals have very low EMF radiation. This low frequency is constant and regular because of how stable a crystal structure is. The stability also makes a crystal very powerful and potentially a dominant influence in an environment. (This is also why I don’t believe crystals can be “tuned” like some people claim.) The energy that a crystal puts off interacts with our human EMF field. I believe this can impact our energy and vibration because our bodies can be influenced easier than the crystal.

A Word of Warning

Crystals are mined from the earth and are usually not 100% pure. They can contain heavy metals and other toxic substances. Be sure that you research the type of crystal you want to buy to ensure it is safe to handle.

Some people like to put crystals in their bath or drinking water. I would not recommend drinking water that has been infused with a crystal because you will be highly susceptible to any toxins that you put in your body from drinking. Crystal baths can be safe if you use a hard stone (soft stones can dissolve!) and are sure that the crystal is safe to absorb through your skin in low, infrequent doses. This will take some extra research on your part. If you are not absolutely sure that it’s safe to put in your body, stick to leaving your crystal on the side of the tub or on a shelf in the bathroom instead. It’s always better to be safe when experimenting with your health!

Shopping for Crystals

So yesterday was the first time I ventured out to a store to shop for crystals. One of my first exposures to crystals that made me wonder about the science behind a woo-woo subject was through Hibiscus Moon (a fellow physicist and long-time closet crystal lover before quitting her day job). She suggested that the way to choose a crystal is through intuition. Pick the one you’re drawn towards. It doesn’t have to be based on fancy science. So that’s what I went with.

I ended up choosing… several.

I found a super cute little store in Memphis called The Circle that sells crystals, organic dried herbs, incense, and salt lamps, among other things.

My strategy was to pick crystals intuitively and whichever one I picked up out of a dish of matching crystals was the one I purchased. Put “the mind” on the back burner and tune into the inner voice. The black stones really drew me in on this round.

These are the 8 crystals my inner voice led me to (& the what-it’s-good-for notes said). I also placed them around my apartment based on gut feeling.

1. Nephrite Jade

Attract love, positive attitude, & money; meditation; to heal infections & cleanse body/kidneys; joint & bone pain relief.

This one is in my kitchen.

2. Obsidian

Powerful stone; birth & death are one; associated with guardian spirits; connected to protection on all levels.

This one is next to my bed.

3. Black Tourmaline

Protective; repels & blocks negative energies; removes negative energy from people or spaces; grounding.

This one is next to my wifi box.

4. Amethyst

Peace; meditation; turns lower energies into higher energies; great for insomnia; strengthens aura; helps to break addictions; crown chakra; enhances sensitive connections.

This one is next to my bed.

5. Tektite

Strengthen the aura & raise vibrations; for wisdom & knowledge; to enhance integration of higher energies from other realms.

This one is next to my workspace.

6. Merlinite

Brings magic & luck; holds wisdom; enhances intuition; stone of equilibrium.

This one is next to my bed.

7. Blue Obsidian

The stone of guardian spirits; mother/goddess; water; mystery.

This one is next to my bed.

8. Blue Calcite

Protection; grounding; calming; peaceful.

This one is on my coffee table.

What Else I Bought

I have been really interested in buying a Himalayan salt lamp, but never pulled the trigger and done it. I bought a really beautiful one at the shop, and it’s on next to me right now 🙂 Just holding the salt feels really good, which is hard to explain but legit.

I also got dried elderberry and sage leaves. I’ve never been big about sage burning (or smudging) before, but I bought a cute little incense holder to burn it in. (I should note that I don’t use incense. It gives me terrible headaches and freaks my body out. I’m not sure what’s in incense, but it’s not anything natural as far as my body is concerned.)

Let me know in the comments below: Are you super into crystals? Or are you a skeptic?

Much love,


P.S. – If you wanna get deeper in the woo, read this post about law of attraction, vibrational states, and energy.

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