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Why You Should Trade Your Afternoon Coffee & Nightly Skin Care For Matcha

I’m pretty sure my veins are actually full of matcha instead of blood.


I keep a stash (read: mason jar) of powder in my desk and work and drink it all day long. I consider it my “happy juice”.

Here’s why.

What is matcha?

Matcha is different from other green tea in that it’s made from grinding the leaves into a very fine powder. You dissolve it in water for a highly concentrated tea drink — you drink the entire leaf instead of just the brew. You can drink it hot or cold. I like to keep it as an option because I can add it to any water I have on hand. No brewing required.

Super Drink

Anti-cancer is maybe the best reason to drink matcha. Drinking matcha regularly has been found to reduce the risk of breast [1], bladder [2], colon [3], and prostrate [4] cancers. The NIH even cites studies saying that green tea can prevent cancer [5] (and they add lung and ovary cancer to the list). Studies looking for evidence that green tea can treat cancer are inconclusive.

Matcha has been shown to promote weight loss and rev up metabolism [6]. Green tea is high in catechin which can help balance cholesterol levels. Catechin may improve lifestyle-related disease as a result, according to researchers. It also fights disease [7] and hypertension [8]. Matcha is high in flavonoids (catechin is a flavonoid) which is good for the heart and blood vessels. These can reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The chlorophyll in matcha is a super-detoxer. Chlorophyll can pull out toxins including chemicals and heavy metals [9]. It also makes your blood better at delivering nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

Matcha also has been shown to help reverse type 2 diabetes [10]. One study found that drinking green tea decreased fasting glucose, fasting insulin, and A1c concentrations.

I call matcha happy juice because it has high levels of an amino acid called L-theanine. L-theanine increases alpha waves in the brain which relaxes the mind without causing sleepiness. It also doesn’t come with caffeine jitters while making you more alert and attentive [11]. Matcha can contain 5x more L-theanine than other forms on green tea [12].

Keep in mind that matcha does have some caffeine (about half that of coffee), so I wouldn’t recommend sipping on it before bed. It makes for a much better morning boost or cure for a mid afternoon slump.

Super Skin Care

Matcha has detoxing powers that promote healthy, glowing skin! It can decrease sebum production which is good for fighting acne. The chlorophyll helps remove toxins and heal damaged skin — totally anti-aging [13]. All the antioxidants reduce inflammation, making your skin feel happy. And let’s not forget about those anti-cancer properties!

You can bet I love getting this stuff into my skincare practices and all over my face. A cool matcha face mask on over-sunned or super dry skin is pure bliss.

Matcha can be used on all skin types because it doesn’t dry out your skin or cause irritation. My skin can be dry or oily depending on my hormones, and this yummy green powder is always there for me!

Gimme More Matcha, Please

Curious about how to add matcha to your skincare routine? I’ve got the solution all ready for you… A face mask that targets acne, detoxes, and moisturizes starring our favorite ingredient! The work is done for you. Get the mask here!

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