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The Best Way To Eat Healthy When You Love Food

I recently had a conversation that I’ve heard in many forms. It went like this:

“Will exercise help me lose weight?”

“It can, but eating right is far more effective for weight loss.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. I love eating.”


Seriously, people.

I love food. I really do.

Love Food? How To Eat Healthy (Good) Food

Here’s the catch. Healthy food tastes so good. It’s amazing! In fact, healthy food usually has way more flavor than process crap.

You don’t have to give up a love for food eat healthy. You can embrace your love for food.


There are dozens of fruits and vegetables, various types of meat, healthy carbs (in moderation), yummy herbs and spices (like hundreds of options there). And you can mix and match and get creative!

Stop Counting Calories

The best part? When you eat healthy, you don’t have to count calories.

Did you hear me? You can eat as many carrots and avocados as you want. You’ll get sick of them before you overdose.

Counting calories is merely a way to limit how much processed food your body can kind of burn in a day. When you eat real food when you’re hungry, calories in does not equal calories out.

Be Open

Don’t believe the lie that your processed and packaged food tastes better than real food. In fact, it’s been engineered to be addictive to your taste buds. If you can break the addiction, you can open up your world to amazing, delicious, healthy food.

I feel the same way about when people say gluten free food tastes bad or they’d “rather die happy” than give up Wheat Thins (been there.) because gluten free food can also taste good. (Don’t believe me? Try these biscuits and see what’s up.)

Do yourself (and your beautiful body) a big favor… Just try! Cook one meal and see what you can create. Try one new spice. Pick a funny looking veggie for dinner.

I promise there is yummy and healthy food out there you will like! We’re wired to love it.

When you need a kickstart…

Don’t give up. And if you’ve fallen off the bandwagon, I have good news for you: today is a new day. You can start fresh right now and get healthy!

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Tell me in the comments below, have you felt like this before? Like you have to give up good food to get healthy? Let’s chat!

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