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Law of Attraction, Emotional States, & Vibrational Energy

Stay with me on this. Law of Attraction might feel a little woo-woo, but lemme tell ya, as a skeptical scientist it’s not so crazy as you might think.

Tony Robbins has said that mindset is 80% and mechanics is 20%.

That means that mindset needs to be our focus, and the rest will follow. But why? And what mindset should we have?

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction says that we attract what we feel. If you have high energy, you attract high energy. If you have low energy, you attract low energy.

When you hear people talking about “getting into alignment”, this is what they’re talking about. (And let’s be real, that phrase is a bit overused and underexplained now a days.) Align yourself with higher energy. Then you attract higher energy.

What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.


Your thoughts and feelings matter. Even if you think you’re not acting on them or letting them influence you, they affect every part of your life.

Our emotional state is the root. You know when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and the rest of the day just goes to crap? Or when your day starts off amazing and nothing can bring you down?

That’s what I’m talking about. As hard as it is sometimes, harnessing your emotions is the key to all this.

So why is this true?

We’re going to have to go quantum. Stay with me.

Vibration & Energy

Energy is vibration. Our bodies are made up of vibrating atoms. The energy in those vibrating atoms all combined makes up our energy. If we move to a high energy emotional state (we’ll come back to this concept), we literally change the vibration of our atoms.

Energy waves can add or cancel.

When we come into contact with other energy, high energy will add to our high energy. But low energy will cancel our high energy.

Real life: You know when you’re having a great day and then end up around someone who just sucks the life out of you? They might not even say anything (like when someone puts out a bad vibe). Their bad energy is canceling your good energy.

Still with me? Good.

Ever heard the expression “work smarter not harder”? Well, let’s take it one step farther.

Working in alignment is working smarter.

When you go through your day aligned with your highest energy, you raise your vibration and attract all the good things that are also on your high energy level. Law of attraction kicks in.

Emotional State

Your emotional state is the temporary condition of your emotions. You want to keep your emotional state high to keep your energy high.

This next part is the key:

I’m not saying you have to be positive all the time. Some Law of Attraction subscribers buy into “think positive always”. Or you might worry that one bad thought will suddenly attract all the negative things.

But the truth is, life isn’t always going to be sunshine and rainbows. The trick is, when you start getting down and something grabs hold of your emotional state and pulls you down, dig in your heels and start pulling the weeds.

Find what is dragging you down and learn how to deal with it. Whether that be cutting it out of your life completely or using other stress management tools in the meantime.

I am saying that you control your emotional state. You choose to react to situations. You can choose joy. You can choose to have peace. You can choose love.

Fear, anger, and depression only control you if you let them.

How To Get Into Alignment

The answer to that question is special to you. What lights you up? What makes you feel like your day literally could not get any better? What puts you on top of the world? DO MORE OF THAT.


For me? I need plenty of sleep. I need a good workout. I need some yoga and/or meditation time. I need time with my man. I need healthy meals. I need quiet time to recharge when I’ve spent a lot of time around people (introverts out there, you feel me?).

Make your self-care list. Do you need to take a bath once a week? Clean up your skin care routine? Take a fitness class? Have a girls night?

Once you have your list, dig in. Use that time to recharge your batteries.

When your cup is full, your energy is high and you attract high energy.

Want more on this topic (or any other woo-woo-ish conversations)? Leave a comment below!

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