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How To Finally Quit Sugar For Good: 5 Strategies You Can Use Today

I quit sugar 4 years ago.

Yes, it’s hard. No, it’s not impossible. Yes, you can do it. Just stay with me.

Here’s how:

#1 Learn The Why

Recognize why sugar is bad for you. As with any addiction (and yes, you are addicted because we’re ALL addicted), they say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. If you don’t understand why you should kick sugar to the curb for your health, start with that.

Among other things, sugar leads to heart problems, skin conditions, weight gain, and diabetes. Gross. Stop eating sugar to avoid so much risk. A simple sacrifice.

Do your research. Arm yourself with knowledge about the habit you want to change to make it easier to follow through.

#2 Want To Quit

Decide you want to quit. Quitting an addictive substance has to be a conscious decision. Decide to quit sugar, and actually want to quit sugar. You will give in to temptation much more easily if you don’t truly want it and make the resolve within yourself.

Go deep. Dig within yourself. Nail down your personal reasons for quitting sugar. Do you want to lose weight? Heal your diabetes? Clear you skin? Protect your heart? Run stronger? Lift heavier? Live better?

Take the first step and walk away from the food getting in your way.

#3 Decide Before

Make the decision ahead of time. When someone offers you something off limits, already know your answer. Don’t let the food in front of you influence your decision when someone tries to hand you that piece cake or cookie. Decide now that your answer is “no” to all sweets and sugary foods. Then when that cookie comes along, you don’t have to decide. You can just say “no”.

It takes practice. Flexing your “no” muscle might make it sore. But it gets easier. You’ll get healthier, and you never know who you’ll influence along the way.

#4 Have A Plan

Know what you’re going to do. We’re already saying “no” to off limits offers. Now have a contingency plan. Bring a healthier option that you made yourself. Have some fruit if it’s available. Stick with “no, thank you”, and if appropriate, explain that you’re making some lifestyle changes.

Pack your own food if you’re traveling. Eat before you go. Do what you gotta do, girl.

#5 Get Creative

Find other options so you don’t feel deprived. Learn to bake with small amounts of healthier sweet alternatives like coconut sugar, maple syrup, or bananas instead of cane sugar and powdered sugar. Substitute fruit when you’re craving something sweet. Shift your mindset to appreciate the occasional indulgence as something special instead of something normal and every day.

There are TONS of recipes (especially if you hit up Pinterest) for desserts that are low sugar, sugar alternatives, or high protein options. Have fun with it instead of feeling negative.

Will This Really Work For Me? I’ve tried to quit sugar before!

You might be thinking, “but I tried to quit sugar before and failed!”

I have good news for you: today is a new day! Maybe before you weren’t fully committed and fell off the wagon. Maybe you didn’t really understand why you needed to stop eating sugar, so you couldn’t follow through.

From this moment on, any temptation that comes you way is an opportunity to get stronger. Dedicate yourself to these 5 strategies, and you might surprise yourself!

Quit Anything Else, Too

Follow this thought pattern for any food you want to eliminate from your diet. Use it to quit gluten, dairy, grains, or any other food group that is toxic to you.

I’ve used it to quit gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, and grains at various phases of my health journey.

Leave me a comment below: What is your relationship with sugar? Have you tried to quit before?

Much love,


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