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Meditation: A Beginner’s Guide

All you need is 5 minutes to change your entire day.

Meditation can be an intimidating topic. There are tons of “how to meditate” guides – many of which can be vague or unapproachable.

I want to change that. I’ll let you in on a little secret: you can’t do it wrong. There are tons of styles of meditation, but whatever gets you grounded and focused and clears the mental fog is the right one for you.

So let me walk you through it.

How To: Meditation

Get comfortable. You can sit on the floor, in a chair, lay down, stand up – find what feels good.

Close your eyes to remove distraction. Turn your focus inward to your body and mind.

Focus on your breath. Breathe with intention. Try the 4-7-8 technique (check out this blog post for all the deets). Let your breath calm and focus you.

Don’t have expectations. Many people think that meditating is thinking no thoughts. It’s actually the opposite. Don’t try to turn off your brain. Instead, just let your brain be. Tune into what’s going on up there. What’s been on your mind? What are you feeling?

Let your thoughts pass. Picture your thought stream as a river. Watch them go by, but don’t jump in or build a dam.

Don’t judge. This one’s important. When you notice how you’re feeling or what you’re thinking, accept it. Don’t label it. Don’t try to change it. Just become aware and take stock.

Notice the tension. In your body and in your mind. Where are you resisting? Where are you holding on? Exhale and envision the tension leaving your body. Relax your muscles. Release the negativity.

Inhale gratitude. Replace the tension with gratefulness. Take a deep breath in, imaging a bright light following your breath into your stomach. As you breathe out, ground into the floor as if roots were sprouting from you and growing deep into the ground.

Connect to the earth. Focus on the contact between you and the ground. Feel supported by the earth as you envision your roots growing deeper. If you’re still holding tension, let it melt away into the ground as you breathe.

Keeping your eyes closed, bring awareness back to your surroundings. Notice how you feel. Notice your thoughts. As you slowly open your eyes, maintain your new sense of calm. Accept it as your status quo. When you feel yourself losing focus, come back to this place.

Amazing, right?!

Drop me a comment below and tell me if you found these meditation tips helpful!

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