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The Key to Greater Life Fulfillment

A note from 6/6/18

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these words were put on my heart this week, as this post went up the day before our beautiful Kate Spade took her life.

Money, fame, success, or any other worldly metric will not bring true happiness. We so easily get caught in the cycle of “one more” and I’ll be happy or “after the next” and then I’ll rest.

This is a lie.

Joy comes from within in the darkest times and the best times. Joy is a choice in the moment despite what is going on around us. (You might have noticed that I switched from “happiness” to “joy”. Happiness is a fleeting emotion. Joy is a state of being. We don’t always have to be happy, but we can find joy even in sadness or anger.)

Kate had a magical life from outside appearance. My ladies, as we mourn the loss of a beautiful soul, take a lesson from this. Take care of your mind. Take care of your body. Stop chasing and just be. And please seek help if you need it. (I don’t know what Kate struggled with specifically or what could have helped her. Just some thoughts for us as we reflect on a tragedy.)

Send prayers and thoughts to the Spade family. 💜

Now back to your original programming…

Do you ever feel like the thought you have been given to share is the one you need to hear the most?

Today I’m sharing something with you that I’m still struggling to get my head around. But that’s the way this works. We share with others and find a common place to relate. Sometimes we give others what they need, and occasionally they give back to us. The circle of life, of sorts.

Looking for Greater Life Fulfillment

Something that’s been on my mind is how to glean more fulfillment from the process. I’m not a patient person, and the long days can wear me down. So this is where I’m at.

Be present. Be patient. Be open. To where you’re at right now today.

I can be very impatient. I have goals, and I want to meet them tomorrow – even if they’re lofty long-term plans!

You feel me?

But we can have so much more fulfillment by accepting where we are now and enjoying the process to get to where we want to be.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, I know. But worth it? Absolutely.

Do I want to have this business of the ground sky high? Yes.

Do I want to work on my own schedule? Yes.

Do I want to be financially free? Yes.

But these things take time, and time hasn’t passed yet. Why wish your life away when you can be enjoying what you have now?

Do I get to work on my new business and serve you, my wonderful reader? Absolutely.

Do I have a super cool science-y job? Totally.

Do I make enough to pay my bills and support my new business? 100%.

Be present. Be patient. Be open.

And enjoy the ride because you only get to ride once.

So tell me in the comments below… What’s one goal you’re trying to rush? And what part of your life are you wishing away while you work on your goal?

Much love,


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