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Mantra: Reclaim Your Ability to Choose

Part of getting healthy is taking back control of your ability to choose. We must make choices about what is most important to us. Otherwise, things will happen at random or according to other people’s priorities, and we get swept to the side (or worse, lost altogether). That’s not to say that you should never put other people first, but that if you do, it should be by choice and not by happenstance. I love this quote from Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism:

If you do not prioritize your life, someone else will.

He’s 100% right — but how do you start to reclaim your ability to choose your path? And how do you even know if you’ve forfeited your decision? Don’t worry — once you decide you want to make a change in an area of your life, the things you need to change will show themselves over time. If you decide to start eating organic and then someone invites you to a restaurant that you know will derail your diet, a red flag will go off in the back of your mind. If you decide to spend more time on yourself to lower your stress levels, a red flag will go off when you start replying to that work email on Saturday morning instead of getting in a workout. It takes time and practice, but you can learn to rearrange your schedule and make time or space.


Mantra can be a powerful tool to instill confidence and clarity in ourselves when encouraging a habit. A mantra is simply a word or phrase that you repeat to help concentration, used particularly during meditation. You don’t have to be meditating on a mat to use the power of mantra; use it whenever you need it (the restroom at work – aka the only place no one will bother you, driving your car, right before that big presentation). Here are some examples:

I choose to eat right.

I choose to exercise.

I choose to go to bed.

I choose to put my health first.

I choose to say “no”.

I choose to get back on the horse.

I choose to rest.

I choose to heal.

I choose to make space.

I choose to be balanced.

I choose to meditate.

I choose to connect.

I choose to control my life.

I choose to get better.

Pick a mantra. Use it this week or this month. Or even just today. Write it down, memorize it, repeat it, use it. Let it guide you on your journey. You may not understand what each of these statements mean yet, and that’s okay. Challenge yourself to pick a topic that you struggle with. Or explore something that you don’t fully understand.

You have to choose health every day.

It won’t happen on accident. You also have to choose to put yourself first. You can’t give to others from an empty cup — fill yourself up first.

Comment below and let me know what mantra you’re using right now. Is mantra something new to you or do you have a favorite that keeps you going all the time?

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